WinSurvey 3.2.2

Easily generate questionnaires and surveys


  • Allows quick and easy formulation of surveys
  • Also allows you to analyze data


  • Subheadings can be confused and cluttered


If you're a research organization, or just want to monitor opinion of your site, then the web offers a potent tool for carrying out market research.

However, to take full advantage you'll need decent research software that can help you devise questionnaires and polls. WinSurvey is a powerful survey software for easily creating, publishing, and analyzing surveys. WinSurvey includes ready-made templates, so all you have to do is fill in the content. You can choose from a variety of formats such as multiple choice, customized responses, and even configure automatic thank-you replies for respondents.

After that, WinSurvey helps you analyze your results to give you meaningful data. The Result Management tab allows you to create graphs and tables, as well as upload the results to a MySQL or Access database. You can also simply export results to a file. The overall interface is well laid-out and designed with a tab system, helping you to scroll through the various options across the top. However, some of the sub headings are a little cluttered and you'll need to refer to the user guide on more than one occasion to work out what all of them refer to.

Overall though, for anyone wanting to conduct market research quickly, easily and efficiently, WinSurvey is a great tool.

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